About MPCH 
​​MPCH Labs was founded on the belief that Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology is the foundation for a new world of trade, technology, and commerce. The company was architected by former physical security, cyber security, technology, and financial experts to deploy MPC technology in such a way that maintains its complexity while enabling scalability. MPCH dramatically extends what’s possible with MPC technology by using cutting-edge technology and bringing industry-leading best practices across the security and crypto world.

About Fraction
Fraction, powered by MPCH Labs, is a hybrid cloud security engine for institutional customers to define and control how they work with digital assets. We enable teams to self-manage their digital assets, wallets, workflow policies and permissioning while connecting with the wider crypto ecosystem. Our agile MPC6 engine gives organizations of any size, next generation MPC-based security in a customizable product that adapts and scales with our customers’ needs.

Fraction Feature Highlights

1. MPC6 – A generational leap ahead in MPC technology, MPC6 is faster, more secure and fully adaptable.

2. Rapid onboarding of new assets – Onboards any digital asset in weeks, instead of months.

3. Modular and scalable feature offering – Fraction is available as a plug-and-play SaaS product and will soon be offering integrated API access to the MPC6 engine.

4. 24/7 enterprise support desks – We are rolling out a world class support service with dedicated account managers and teams, available round the clock 365 days a year.